How Do You Build a Dream Business?

Through videos, sample scripts, and worksheets, Archangel Academy will show you how to turn your idea into a business, find your dream clients, and build a global community to grow your impact!
How Do You Build a Dream Business?

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Module Summary

  • 1
    Quick Start Guide
    • Welcome from Giovanni
    • Module Summary
    • How To Use This Program
    • Your Success Checklist
    • Need Support?
  • 2
    The Dream Lab
    • What is Dream Lab?
    • Dream Lab Preparatory Questionnaire
    • Dream Lab Worksheets
    • Lesson: Dream Lab
  • 3
    The Hero Maker
    • What is Hero Maker?
    • Hero Maker Preparatory Questionnaire
    • Hero Maker Worksheets
    • Lesson: Hero Maker
  • 4
    The Gift Wrapper
    • What is Gift Wrapper?
    • Gift Wrapper Preparatory Questionnaire
    • Gift Wrapper Worksheets
    • Lesson: Gift Wrapper
  • 5
    The DABSTER Technique
    • What is DABSTER?
    • Dabster Preparatory Questionnaire
    • Dabster Worksheets
    • Lesson: The Dabster Technique
  • 6
    The Funnel of Love Model
    • What is the Funnel of Love?
    • Funnel of Love Worksheets
    • Lesson: The Funnel of Love
  • 7
    The Honeymoon Experience
    • What is The Honeymoon Experience?
    • Honeymoon Experience Preparatory Questionnaire
    • Honeymoon Experience Worksheets
    • Lesson: The Honeymoon Experience
  • 8
    The Matchmaker Matrix
    • What is the Matchmaker Matrix?
    • The Matchmaker Matrix Preparatory Questionnaire
    • The Matchmaker Matrix Worksheets
    • Lesson: The Matchmaker Matrix
  • 9
    The Super-Connector System
    • What is the Super-Connector System?
    • The Super-Connector Preparatory Questionnaire
    • Super-Connector Worksheets
    • Lesson: The Super Connector System
  • 10
    The Community Builder
    • What is Community Builder?
    • Community Builder Preparatory Questionnaire
    • Community Builder Worksheets
    • Lesson: The Community Builder
  • 11
    The $100k Challenge
    • Will You Take Up the Challenge?


  • What is included with the course?

    This program comes with our 9-step framework to build the business of your dreams. Each chapter comes with several worksheets and videos where you will be taught the content and given a chance to dream and create actionable steps for yourself.

  • Do I get instruction from Giovanni?

    This course is self-directed and you will hear from Giovanni each week in the videos and content presented.

  • What is the refund policy?

    From Giovanni: Worst Case: maybe it doesn’t work. Maybe you’re a few weeks in, and you decide it’s not for you. Or the content’s not quite right, or maybe you jumped too soon. the end of the 4th week, you can let me know if you want to continue. If not, I’ll refund the fee. And if yes, perfect! And I’ll assume you’re all in for the rest of the program. So that way there's no risk to give it a go and get started, is there?


  • Giovanni Marsico

    CEO & Founder

    Giovanni Marsico

    Giovanni Marsico is the founder of Archangel, an organization and global community dedicated to supporting the growth of Superheroes: visionary leaders and mission-driven entrepreneurs who want to change the world. The Archangel organization is designed to provide these Superheroes with the tools and resources they need to grow, and to connect them with one another for support and peer-to-peer sharing, both virtually and through immersive experiences like the annual Archangel Summit conference, which brings together thousands of attendees in Toronto every October.